Sauce Boss Burger Co.

Sauce Boss Burger Co. is a brand new food truck experience in Gulf Breeze. We offer a selection of Hand-Crafted burgers paired with premium sides all in the convenient package that is a food truck! Our six (yes, SIX!) specialty sauces compliment each burger and its toppings to a tee. We very proudly serve Wagyu blend burgers-- a proprietary recipe sourced from Costello's Butcher and Deli in Pensacola, FL. Stop by for one of the best burgers you will ever have in your life at Sauce Boss Burger Co.!


    Mon- Sat 11 PM - 9 PM
    Sun 11 PM - 9 PM

    *Closed Everyday 2-3pm


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    IG: @SauceBossBurger

    About the Truck

    Feeling saucy? It’s time for you to meet THE SAUCE BOSS! Please welcome Eli Cook to the Eatery Team! Eli's truck features a selection of Hand-Crafted burgers and premium sides made just for you.

    The man behind the sauce has always had a passion for cooking as long as he could remember. Not to mention he even had a “cooking-themed” birthday party at one point. After transitioning from an acting career to the culinary craft, his love of the arts was re-energized making every burger a work of art.

     "As long as I've loved cooking - I've loved burgers even longer" says Cook.

    He truly takes pride in what he puts between the buns. Even the order in which he stacks the toppings makes a difference for this burger guru. Especially in his sauce curations. The truck has six specialty blends made to complement every bite!

    The Eatery - Gulf Breeze

    1713 Woodlawn Way
    Gulf Breeze, FL 32563