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What about my cute dog?
We would love to meet your four legged friend! We do ask you clean up after your dog and make sure they are on a leash at all times.
Is there entertainment besides food trucks?
Does Game. Grub. Gather. ring a bell?! We will have interactive backyard and table board games available. As we expand, we will be socializing our events calendar that will include game nights, live music and much more. Stay tuned for the action!
Are all of the trucks open the same hours?
Nope. All of these trucks operate independently and will stick to their own rules (Including Holidays). We have featured their hours on the website for your convenience. Please check in if there is a specific truck you are making the trip for. HOWEVER - If you stop by the Eatery between the hours of 11am-7pm we can assure you there will be a truck available!
How many food trucks will you have?
We have spaces for six food trucks. Five of which will be with the Eatery long term and we will feature one new truck each month.
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