Turtle Roll Ice Cream

The love of ice cream has been a passion of mine since I was child wishing I could enjoy a scoop for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This creamy cold delicious treat brings back sweet memories, which lead me to attend an ice cream academy and prompted the birth of Turtle Roll Homemade Ice Cream & Shaved Ice. I am Charlene Cook, owner of Turtle Roll, and my hope is that our ice cream and frozen treats will bring your taste buds enjoyment while you create fun memories with those you enjoy them with. We offer a wide variety of homemade hand scooped ice cream, soft serve with toppings and mix ins, premium shakes, gourmet waffle cones made fresh daily and endless possibilities of shaved ice flavors.


    Open Sunday-Thursday 11:AM - 9:PM
    Open Friday & Saturday 11:AM - 9:30:PM



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    About The Truck

    Let us introduce the woman who would eat ice cream for every meal if she could, Charlene Cook! This ice cream loving connoisseur even attended an Ice Cream Academy to specialize in crafting creamy, dreamy flavors. Yes, you read that right! We have a hand-dipped scholar before us!

    “There's nothing like the sweet simplicity of a good scoop to take you back in time and make everything seem better than ever before!” Says Charlene.

    This isn't just your average bowl of iced milk either-- all of Charlene's homemade, small batch ice cream is premium grade and produced right here on the Gulf Coast! Including dairy free options, Turtle Roll offers a variety of flavors that will definitely pique your interest. From the classics, like Chocolate Chip or Cookie Dough to more unique, seasonal options such as Creole Cream Cheesecake and Moon Pie--you're sure to find something for everyone!

    The ice cream selection also includes soft serve topped by its 16 mix-ins option and premium milkshakes that go beyond just classic syrups. You mustn't underestimate the powers of her shaved ice either: 24 flavors of pure bliss.

    ****For all intents and purposes, The Eatery must inform you consuming this level of perfection may cause patrons to over-indulgence with the inability to put the sweet treats down and/or breathe between bites, ultimately leading to a brain freeze.****

    The Eatery - Gulf Breeze

    1713 Woodlawn Way
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